Lifestyle storage in northern Kelowna, BC

When you have luxury toys like a sports car, boat, or motorhome, you want to ensure it is in a secure space when you are not enjoying it. Imagine taking storing your quality items to a new level by investing in lifestyle storage that is completely customized to suit your needs.

What is lifestyle storage?

A customizable unit that lets you not only store your items but enjoy the space as if it were a second home. You can set up your lifestyle storage space to suit your personality. Maybe you want an office station to work in an environment that takes you away from the home office you are currently using or perhaps you want to invite friends over and celebrate your newfound space with pool tables and a bar. Get crazy, this is a spot all your own!

Lifestyle Storage in Kelowna

Visiting your lifestyle storage space in northern Kelowna, BC can be an adventure in itself. When choosing “The Vaults” as your premier storage place, you can create your custom space to include a spacious room with 27’ ceilings and windows to look across some of the most scenic views in Kelowna. Kelowna I Premium by The Vaults is located near the following:

  • Dilworth Lookout: A Gorgeous hiking spot for all skill levels offering picturesque sunset views off Dilworth Mountain
  • Okanagan Lake: A beautiful lake to go boating, swimming or cruising around the shoreline in one of your favourite sports cars

Are you thinking of grabbing a bite to eat after visiting your home away from home or ordering in to enjoy some wine and cheese with some like-minded neighbours at your unit? Some nearby delicious delights can be found at:

  • Grizzly Bear Bistro and Bar
  • Gulfstream Restaurant

There is so much to do and see all within a short distance from your premium storage hangout at The Vaults. Go all out and decorate your space to reflect your passion whether it be a European supercar or a high-powered jet boat. The spacious units are designed to let you relax in a comfortable recliner while watching your favourite race on a big screen TV. Go ahead and be you in luxury.


You are in charge of when you access your storage area at “The Vaults” in Kelowna. With 24/7 security fobs, you can enter and exit your space on your schedule day or night.

The units are fully equipped with CO detectors and fire suppression systems so you can rest easy knowing all your stored items are protected from fire or gas leaks.

Make storing your items an adventure, and something to look forward to, at lifestyle storage in Northern Kelowna, BC. The open road is calling and The Vaults is responding with inspired design spaces.


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