Sail Into Convenience with The VAULTS: Boat and Yacht Storage

Nestled amidst the Rocky Mountains lies The VAULTS, a lifestyle storage condo that caters to the needs of boat and yacht owners. We’re committed to providing our owners with an exceptional storage condo experience, ensuring your vessel is safe and ready for your lake journey while you enjoy access to premium amenities at every visit.

Close Access to Pristine Lakes

The VAULTS is strategically located close to plenty of beautiful mountain lakes. Your storage condo at The VAULTS ensures your boat isn’t just stowed away, but is always ready for its next venture onto one of the Rocky Mountains’ scenic lakes, letting you enjoy hassle-free exploration and memorable getaways.

Reliable Security

Trust The VAULTS’ unmatched security for your boat or yacht. Our facility is designed with your security in mind, incorporating features such as:

  • 24/7 access for unit owners
  • In-unit fire suppression systems
  • In-unit CO detectors
  • Concrete wall perimeter
  • Round-the-clock surveillance

World-Class Amenities

Our amenities are what make The VAULTS a lifestyle storage condo. We provide everything from on-site maintenance for your boat or yacht to flex space that can be used for work and play while at your storage condo. Every garage includes a mezzanine, a three-piece bathroom, and oversized windows that allow plenty of natural light in.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Every storage condo at The VAULTS is climate-controlled, ensuring protection for your boat or yacht from humidity, heat, and extreme cold.

A Community of Owners

At The VAULTS, every lifestyle storage condo is owned—not rented. You’ll get to know your neighbours and enjoy membership in a community of owners with similar interests and hobbies.

Choose The VAULTS Lifestyle Storage for Your Boat or Yacht

Protect your investment and keep your boat or yacht close by with The VAULTS. We have five convenient locations throughout the Rocky Mountains, including a new Calgary location with enhanced amenities.

Contact us today to learn more about The VAULTs and schedule a tour.

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