6 Distinct Uses for Your Lifestyle Storage Unit

Lifestyle storage is more than just a unit to park assets; it’s a way of living. You already know the advantages of acquiring your lifestyle storage unit in Edmonton, Vernon, Kelowna, or Calgary. However, you may not know the full extent of your lifestyle storage unit’s utility. 

There are many ways to take advantage of this accommodation. Some may or may not surprise you, but all will inspire you. So whether you plan on using your lifestyle storage unit for business or personal use, the possibilities are still available.

1) Multiple Car Storage

A lifestyle storage unit is perfect for your vehicle collection. Besides a storage facility, a lifestyle unit doubles as a security building to house your most valuable possessions – including but not limited to your automobiles. Remember, this unit is whatever you decide. 

2) Recreation Space

When you work hard, it makes recreation much more pleasurable. Turn your lifestyle storage unit into a recreation space that will calm your mind and body after a long day. Outfit it with a gym to relieve stress, or install a golf simulator to help you unwind while working on your virtual backswing. No restrictions will hamper your imagination. 

3) Entertainment Room

At this point, your ingenuity can reach new levels. Lifestyle storage allows you to create a space for friends, family, and colleagues to come together. Let your inspiration flourish by designing the entertainment room of your dreams: Want a pinball machine? It’s yours. Thinking of an air-hockey table? Consider it done. What about a climbing wall? You got it. Customize your unit to meet your needs and lifestyle preferences.

4) Home Office

You can consider lifestyle storage as your home away from home. It’s your area of inspiration where you can get your best work done. If a home office unique to your style, personality, and work sounds desirable, a lifestyle storage unit may be the ideal way to ensure that result.

5) Hobby Space 

Do you enjoy making music, producing art, woodworking, or any other type of creative craft? If so, then a lifestyle storage unit is ideal for you, as it can act as your very own hobby space. Use your unit to create a music/art studio, woodworking shop, or any other space to house your artistic inclinations. 

6) Inventory Storage

A lifestyle storage unit can act as an inventory management depository. This trait allows you to stow away valuable products, materials, etc., in a safe and secure location you can trust. If your current accommodations are brimming with excess inventory, it may be worth looking into lifestyle storage as a possible solution. 

Take Advantage of Lifestyle Storage 

Choosing a lifestyle storage unit for either business or personal use will change your life. And with so many ways to make it your own, your unit can become a place of both business and pleasure. 

At the VAULTS, we offer lifestyle storage units to accommodate your most valuable assets and possessions. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about our lifestyle storage units. 


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