What is lifestyle storage in Calgary?

You’re cruising down the highway in your beautiful luxury car with a gorgeous view of the mountains in front of you. Your car is your baby, and you like to keep it clean, maintained, and sleek. It turns heads everywhere you go, and you take pride in how hard you’ve worked to own the car of your dreams.

… So understandably, it doesn’t feel quite right to park an immaculate vehicle in a traditional, industrial storage unit. Your pride and joy deserve lifestyle storage in Calgary that truly reflects the dedication and time it takes to own a luxury car, RV, boat, or any hobby that requires specific storage needs. Lifestyle storage is a significant step away from the traditional storage unit – it’s an alternate space where you can store your precious possessions while having room for entertainment, work on your passion project, or even host an event. Lifestyle storage in Calgary is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. Here’s what The VAULTS lifestyle storage has to offer.

Premium features that make it your home away from home

When you rent a traditional storage unit, you would typically access the unit to put away or retrieve your belongings. The space itself is just big enough to house your vehicle, RV, or boat, and it’s usually not a place you’d want to stay for longer than you need to. With our lifestyle storage, all units come complete with a 3-piece bathroom, oversized windows, large overhead electric doors, and a mezzanine where you can work or use it for recreation. Lifestyle storage is built and designed for you to enjoy the space, a retreat that serves as your home away from home.

A higher level of security

Our lifestyle storage units are situated inside a full concrete wall perimeter and enclosed large doors. Each unit is secure with an electric overhead door that owners have 24/7 access to with a personalized fob. Unlike conventional storage units, safety is enhanced with a fire suppression system and CO detectors in each vault.

Convenient amenities and quick access to main Calgary roads

The VAULTS Calgary location serves car enthusiasts and RV owners well as it features quick access to Calgary’s main roads, Deerfoot Trail and Stoney Trail. Take your exotic car on a drive with a stunning view of the Rocky Mountains as your backdrop. Enjoy convenient amenities in the area, including a car wash popular amongst luxury car enthusiasts and plenty of grocery stores to pick up necessities before you hit the road with your RV.

Experienced designers to help you customize your space

Walk into a VAULTS unit and you’ll see a design tailored to the owner’s specific taste and needs. Our team has designers on board who can help you customize the unit into your own personal space. Whether you have a collection of vintage cars, an impressive wall of valuable art, or a room full of authentic movie props, you can showcase your passion here. Add comfortable couches, a big-screen TV, a pool table, arcade games, and more to make the space truly your own.

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