The Vaults nearly sold out

Aug 17, 2020 – Think Local

There are only two units remaining in The Vaults Kelowna, and one of them is the granddaddy of them all.

The Vaults Kelowna is a luxury storage facility that allows clients to design their spaces so that it fits their personalities. Storing cars, boats and RVs is part of the reason The Vaults Kelowna exists, but a warm, cozy home away from home is what it is all about.

And that is what makes Unit 11 so unique and attractive. One of the two remaining to be sold at the Kelowna location, it totals 4,573 square feet, has four windows that bring in copious amounts of light, and can house as many as 12 cars and a boat. If lifts were to be involved, the car collection could grow even bigger.

“We designed this unit as our signature unit for Kelowna, incorporating lots of natural light and unique design elements,” The Vaults founder Joe Mahovlich says.

Each storage space consists of a main level and a mezzanine, but the latter is so expansive in Unit 11 that one could incorporate a car lift to bring their gem vehicle into the mezzanine area.

“So that car would actually be part of that experience,” The Vaults vice-president James Murray says. “So when you had friends over or you were entertaining or it’s your office space, that special car could also be part of that experience on that upper level. There’s just lots of potential we can do with that particular unit.”

A client works with either their own designers or the ones provided by The Vaults to put their own mark on their space. No two units are close to being alike, which means The Vaults Kelowna is the perfect place to let your passions come to life.

And depending on the level of customization, your space can start being enjoyed within 60 days of purchase.

The other space still up for grabs is an A unit, which consists of 1,677 square feet—1,200 square feet on the main level and another 477 on the mezzanine.

“For a lot of people that just fits perfectly for them,” Mahovlich says.

Safety and security at The Vaults are summed up in its name, too. The perimeter of the building is concrete, and the main entrance features frosted, security glass that closes after you drive in and prevents anyone on the outside from seeing which unit is yours.

Anyone interested in The Vaults Kelowna can take a private tour of the facility to get a better feel of what it has to offer. More information can be found here.

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