Premium Lifestyle Storage vs. Traditional Storage Units

Do you own an exotic car, luxury boat, or opulent RV? Are you looking for a safe and secure facility to park these as well as any other valuable possessions?

If so, then look no further than the VAULTS, a premium lifestyle storage facility with locations in Calgary, Kelowna, and Vernon. At the VAULTS, we honour the hard work it takes to acquire such luxury items. For this reason, we have constructed a top-of-the-line facility for you to house your most valuable belongings.

Premium lifestyle storage is a cut above the traditional storage unit alternative. Now, you may be wondering: what makes premium lifestyle storage different from traditional storage?

Let’s answer that question by exploring the pros and cons of each. But first…

What is Premium Lifestyle Storage?

Premium lifestyle storage is an amenity for the self-indulgent. Moreover, it’s a housing facility for your vehicles, boats, and other toys that double as a lifestyle resource presenting new ways to enjoy your everyday life.

Whether you’re residing in our Calgary, Kelowna, or Vernon location, the experience will be the same.

You’ll be provided with a modern facility with up-to-the-minute technology security measures. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Towering concrete reinforced walls complete with mammoth-sized doors
  • 24/7 door access via your own personal fob key
  • Fire suppression system
  • CO detectors for a safe and anxiety-free experience

The VAULTS is not just any storage facility. It is a lifestyle amenity offering opulence and prestige in addition to comfort and assurance. With your customizable storage unit, up-to-the-minute safety and security features, and spacious mezzanine confidently perched above it all – it will be hard to see the VAULTS as anything less than a second home.

You can spend your time here hosting parties, playing games, entertaining friends and family – the possibilities are both endless and completely up to you.

Now that you’re familiar with some of the benefits of the VAULTS, let’s see how premium lifestyle storage stacks up against traditional storage by weighing the pros and cons of each.

Premium Lifestyle Storage, Pros & Cons


Premium lifestyle storage is rife with positive possibilities, here are a few to consider:

  • Luxury secured
  • 24/7 access
  • Personalized units (make it your own)
  • Use the space as a second home (throw parties, get-togethers, hangouts, date nights, etc)
  • Maximized space
  • Luxurious facilities
  • Versatile; use for work, recreation, relaxation, etc


  • Costly
  • Not a great option for short term use
  • Only suitable for large items (cars, boats, etc)

The VAULTS offers the ideal place to house those precious items that you would be hard-pressed trusting a traditional storage unit with.

Traditional Storage Units, Pros and Cons


Traditional storage units certainly have a plethora of their own benefits. A few considerations to think about are:

  • Good for short term usage
  • Economical
  • Suitable for a smaller amount of material


  • Can only use for storage
  • Not very clean or well-kempt
  • Poor security

While both premium lifestyle storage and traditional storage units have their pros and cons, premium lifestyle storage offers the features required to give you peace of mind that your luxury items are safe and secure. And from a standpoint of contentment, that’s an attribute you can’t put a price on.

Final Thoughts

The VAULTS offers premium lifestyle storage condominiums in Kelowna, Vernon, and Calgary. We offer personal space customized for cars, recreational vehicles, and other storage needs. Contact us for more information.

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