Keep Your Toys Where You Use Them: The Perks of Keeping Your Vehicles Close to Adventure

There’s a thrill that comes along with spontaneous adventure. Whether it’s the allure of mountainous terrain or the enticement of the curvacious winding roads when spontaneity calls, why postpone due to lack of accessibility?

Your passions can be simply awaiting your arrival with a lifestyle storage condo rather than locked away in a standard storage locker. Your RV, sports car, or other prized possessions are conveniently located right where you need them. Keep reading to explore the benefits and advantages of keeping your precious vehicles near the landscapes they were intended for.

Indulge in Impromptu Trips: Reasons to Store Your RV in the Most Ideal Place

1. Expedite Your Adventures

Convenience and unconstrained wanderlust intersect when your RV is strategically located near the landscapes you desire to escape to. The VAULTS’ Edmonton and Calgary lifestyle storage condos have been intentionally located near mountain ranges to accommodate spur-of-the-moment trips.

Our lifestyle storage condos allow owners to store their lavish vehicles without hesitation about fit. With 27’ ceilings, our lifestyle condos are intentionally designed to maximize the owner’s usage. Even the tallest RVs and car lifts can easily fit on the main floor, as the mezzanine has a 13.5’ clearance.

2. Unconfined Wanderlust

Traditional, standard storage units confine users to their operational standards and can be limiting regarding dimensions. Users become restricted in many facets. Standard storage units tend to lack flexibility, security, comfort, and, most of all, capacity.

In contrast, with The VAULTS’ lifestyle storage, our storage condos best utilize and capitalize on convenience, quality, and accessibility. In combination with our tactfully placed locations, you also avoid adding unnecessary miles to your RV, which results in added wear and tear.

3. A Community of Culture

There is an old adage, ‘You emulate the company you keep.’ at The VAULTS, we have created a community of those with a refined appreciation for their material possessions. Each lifestyle storage is curated and crafted to the owner’s palette, whether they be roaming RVers with wanderlust or an individual who collects various sports cars. Within our walls, you’ll connect to a community that holds the same values as you.

The Call of Winding Roads: Storing Your Sports Car Where Luxury And Convenience Intertwine

1. At the Heart of the Drive

Located a stone’s throw away from Highway 97, our Kelowna and Vernon locations are located near winding roads that beckoned to car aficionados. We chose to take a methodical approach to selecting our locations. This is exemplified in many amenities and details that are laced throughout our lifestyle condos. Our locations provide the quintessential balance of seclusion and community.

The VAULTS offer an escape to your own tranquil haven but act as a medium to whichever destination is next, whether you’d prefer to do a winding drive along Highway 97 overlooking Okagnon Lake or stay in and entertain guests on the mezzanine. The VAULTS are your escape.

2. Minimized Commute Time

Instead of having to waste precious time stuck in tedious traffic, when you store your vehicle at The VAULTS, there is a whole new connotation to a “speedy getaway.” Reduced commute times equates to more time enjoyed in your vehicle going to your desired destinations.

The VAULTS lifestyle storage condos are the epitome and embodiment of a perfect medium, regardless of whether your destination is somewhere on the road or within the confines of your luxury storage condo. The VAULTS provide a blank canvas for owners to create and cultivate their own inspirational space. Our lifestyle storage condo is ideal for showcasing your private car collection, entertaining guests, or even transforming into an alternative workspace.

3. Peace of Mind For Your Most Valuable Collections

As a luxury car owner or even a step up as a car collector, you already have an in-depth understanding of hazards that are present with leaving your valuable vehicles out in the open. The risk of scratches, dents, and other cosmetic blemishes is increased due to the elements, negligent people, and additional factors.

This is why The VAULTS are the paragon of security. Our facilities are layered with various superior security features, all designed to protect what lies within their walls. Our perimeter consists of solid, reinforced concrete in tandem with large-scale doors that enclose the site. Only owners are granted 24/7 access to our facility, and within each unit, there are fire suppression systems and carbon monoxide detectors installed to ensure your safety in every regard.

In Conclusion

Location means everything. This sentiment is not only applicable in real estate but in cherishing and utilizing our prized possessions to their fullest potential. The VAULTS provides that perfect blend of convenience, community, and connection to the landscapes and roads your vehicles were designed for.

The VAULTS has a brand-new Edmonton location located in the illustrious Discovery Business Park area. Situated near the international airport, QEII, and Highway 19, this location is ideal for quick getaways and frequent globetrotters. If you’re located further south in Calgary, the amenities-rich Calgary Flagship offers an exclusive owners’ clubhouse and private washbay. Located near Calgary International Airport, with ease of access to Deerfoot and Stoney Trails, your wanderlust can carry you away.

If you’re ready to indulge in your impromptu getaway temptations, contact us today to learn more.

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