Experience Your Best Life With Lifestyle Storage Condos in Edmonton

Imagine: You’re enjoying a smooth ride on an open highway. Your luxury car, supplied with plush seating and modern conveniences, arrives within Edmonton’s city limits. You continue your pleasant outing until you pull into an opulent development with large enclosed doors and a concrete wall perimeter. You feel peace of mind knowing your luxury vehicle is safe and protected. Moreover, you feel confident housing other valuables in this development as well—this is your lifestyle storage condo.

The VAULTS in Edmonton is an upmarket deviation from the standard storage unit. A secure space for your treasured possessions, it doubles as a lifestyle enhancement agency. Keep an entertainment room for friends and relatives, start a passion project, or host events and gatherings with colleagues and associates. Here are some additional advantages to The VAULTS lifestyle storage in Edmonton.

Safety and Security

Whether in Calgary, Kelowna, Vernon, or Edmonton, our lifestyle storage units are fortified with large doors and concrete walls towering over the surrounding area. Each unit is protected via 24/7 personalized fob key access and an electric overhead door. At the VAULTS Edmonton, your peace of mind is valued.

Greater Utility

The conventional storage unit is restricted in many regards. For example, unit accessibility is limited to only storing and retrieving your possessions. Additionally, the area usually lacks the space necessary for everything you’d like to store. But that’s beside the point because such facilities are typically not where you’d want to store your valuables anyway. With a lifestyle storage condo, your unit offers overhead electric doors, a 3-piece bathroom, a mezzanine for work and recreation, and much more. Enjoy an inspirational space that is uniquely yours. Store your valuables, enjoy peace of mind, and create a lifestyle.

Integrated Community

One of the most significant advantages of the VAULTS Edmonton is community. Your lifestyle storage condo offers the opportunity to meet like-minded people. As a result, you can connect and network with others who share similar goals and values. Find new clients for business, connect with entrepreneurs whose services you may need, get the inside scoop on how to access that special vehicle you’ve been looking for, or just make new friends while living your best life.

Love Life in Your Lifestyle Storage Condo

Your VAULTS unit is precisely that—yours! Design it any way you see fit to complement your style and preference. Moreover, our team of expert designers is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you want a personalized art gallery, a showroom for your most valuable possessions, or an inspirational space to get your best work done, we can help. Contact us today to live your best life in a lifestyle storage condo.

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