6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Lifestyle Storage Ownership

Do you own any opulent possessions that have enhanced your quality of life? Maybe it’s the luxury car of your dreams, an extravagant RV, or perhaps some refined museum pieces or priceless antiques. Whatever the case, we here at The VAULTS want to help you proudly display these treasures.

That’s why we have created lifestyle storage units in Calgary, Kelowna, Vernon, and now Edmonton. Think of these units as your own personalized garage condo for housing some of your most valuable possessions, while also allowing you to create a lifestyle around these items.

Keep reading to learn the 6 reasons why you should consider lifestyle storage ownership.

1. Security

Our namesake is not arbitrary, at The VAULTS, security is a top priority and will always remain a matter of great importance. For this reason, we have armed our developments with security measures such as 17’ X 20’ entrance doors in addition to electric unit doors at 16’ X 14’. Furthermore, a personalized security fob key that offers 24/7 accessibility is granted to each unitholder.

2. Privacy

With security comes the next best reason to consider lifestyle storage ownership: privacy. Everyone needs their own place of solitude and seclusion. When you purchase a Vault, you can lounge in a private oasis – carefree and unbothered. A reinforced concrete wall perimeter envelopes the premises, and an immense large-scale entrance door blocks out any inside activities from the outside world.

3. Inspired Living

Each unit is equipped with upscale attributes such as an exclusive mezzanine, a 3-piece bathroom, and ample natural light emanating from the king-sized windows. Moreover, a group of professional in-house designers is available to help you turn your unit into the space of your dreams.

Imagine walking into your uniquely designed storage unit – your treasured possessions gracefully displayed throughout your space in a cohesive manner. Feel the sense of joy and inspiration that accompanies you as you indulge in your personalized lifestyle storage unit.

4. Peace of Mind

Your Vault is not just a location where you can house your most precious assets. Rather, it’s your refuge – a safe haven that can provide you with peace of mind. Consider it your quiet place of solitude to help you regain your emotional footing, feel inspired on down days, and otherwise just escape from the world when needed. This is the kind of peace of mind that lifestyle storage is amply equipped to offer.

5. It’s An Investment

With a lifestyle storage unit, the value it retains is yours. As a result, it’s an investment more than anything else. Additionally, we have methodically developed on lands that are within the city’s boundaries, near major roadways, and in an area with architectural controls. The building was also developed with materials that were selected for longevity and minimal upkeep costs.

6. Sense of Community

Everyone wants to feel like they belong; it’s a natural human instinct. And few places will you give you that sense of community than acquiring a Vault for your own devices. Why? Because each development consists of a community of individuals who share similar goals, values, and interests. For this reason, when you obtain your Vault, you’ll be part of a community of other like-minded individuals.

Final Thoughts

There are countless reasons why you should consider lifestyle storage – financial and otherwise. The first-rate security, the peace of mind, being surrounded by like-minded individuals, etc. All of these components are but a few of the benefits of lifestyle storage at The VAULTS. However, regardless of your reasons, it’s essential you do your research prior to making any buying decisions.

As such, be sure to contact us today for additional information in regard to any questions you may have.

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