Luxury Car Storage | Why it’s Important and What to Consider

Are you a connoisseur of all things beautiful? Do you possess luxury vehicles, lavished RVs, or opulent artwork? If so, then you know the value of a safe and secure facility for your more extravagant possessions. Find your sense of peace (and certainty) with your customizable storage units at The VAULTS.

With luxury car storage facilities in Calgary, Kelowna, and Vernon, you can be sure that there is a lifestyle storage unit conveniently located near you. But these spaces provide more than just a storehouse for your refined assets.

They offer a comprehensive, holistic accommodation for all your needs; delicately placed in your lap of luxury. Keep reading to learn more.

Private space for prized possessions

As a boat, RV, or luxury car owner, you understand the wear and tear associated with leaving these precious possessions out in the open. The elements, careless people, and other factors can contribute to scratches, dings, and blemishes.

You’ve worked too hard to allow these components to compromise the value of your possessions. Whether you’re in the foothills of Calgary or the mountain ranges of Kelowna or Vernon, The VAULTS luxury car storage units will provide the safekeeping accommodations for your most valuable assets.

An exclusive special gathering place

If you enjoy hosting get-togethers and gatherings with friends and family, consider The VAULTS. The richness of the decor touched with your unique brand of originality can produce a welcoming atmosphere for guests.

Imagine your visitors at a complete loss for words, stunned by the immaculate design and presentation of your luxury storage unit. Think of the atmosphere it will create and how it will bring people together in a cohesive manner; creating a fun-filled, unique experience you can reproduce anytime you wish.

Gated and secured 24/7

The VAULTS operates on the underpinning foundation of first-rate, superior security. This is made apparent by our perimeter that consists of solid, reinforced concrete in addition to large-scale doors that enclose the premises.

Additionally, 24/7 access to the facility is granted to occupants only. And with a fire suppression system and carbon monoxide detector installed, the proper tools and applications are all provided to ensure your safety in every regard.

Man cave to explore your creativity

Your storage unit is much more than a vehicle storehouse. It’s a customizable getaway, a blank canvas with which you’re free to express your individuality. If draping your space with bright colours and nuanced furnishing is your preference, go for it. If you prefer a silent chamber void of distractions so you can focus on a passion project, no problem.

Create with it whatever you see fit for your needs and wants. Your lifestyle storage unit is a place where you can explore all aspects of your creativity, uninhibited.

5 things to consider before storing your vehicle

There are a few things you may want to consider prior to storing your vehicle at The VAULTS. Managing these details will ensure your assets remain in mint condition for as long as possible.

1. Wash your car

A quick wash before storage will do wonders for your car – like slow the fade and discolouration process. However, a word of caution. After you wash and before you store, dry your vehicle thoroughly. Any remaining water will support the spread of rust.

2. Your battery

If stored for a long enough period, all batteries eventually lose their juice. Zero chemical reactions over the span of several months will take its toll on your car battery – regardless of weather. Therefore, you may want to properly store it, as it will eliminate damage and discharging issues to your battery.

3. Your Wheels

Ensure your wheels are clean. There’s a good reason for this; brake dust can be corrosive. As such, you certainly don’t want it settling on your wheels for any length of time. If you want to go the extra mile, you can add a wax coating to ensure brake dust doesn’t latch onto your wheels as well.

4. Your Tires

Try inflating them to 40 to 50 psi. This is to safeguard your tires from the natural 1 psi of pressure loss that typically occurs each month.

5. Adjust Your Insurance Coverage

You will want to speak with your insurance provider before you place your vehicle in storage. Adjusting your coverage is a great way to save money while your car is idle. As such, make it a priority to talk with your agent about the details of your policy regarding this matter.

Final Thoughts

Your own unique slice of paradise is here. At The VAULTS, your luxury storage unit is whatever you want it to be. A play area for the mature individual seeking a change of pace, feel at home in the opulent decor surrounded by your most prized possessions.

The VAULTS; you’re one step away from customized living. A tailor-made approach that is uniquely your own. Contact us today to learn more.

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