How Customizable is Your Lifestyle Storage Unit With The VAULTS?

Craving an enhanced lifestyle? Yearning for an alluring and attractive change of pace? Then look no further than The VAULTS: a premium secured facility where work and play are blended cohesively to produce an unconventional standard of living.

An adult playground; this lifestyle storage space offers more than just accommodations for your cars, RVs, boats, and other toys. Its customizable storage units allow for the personalization of each space to fit the personality, style, and finesse of its occupants.

Who The VAULTS Are

Canada’s primary and preeminent lifestyle storage premium condominiums. The VAULTS are an opulently refined, secured facility offering everything you’d expect from a lifestyle storage amenity, including:

Space Maximization

The VAULTS were designed with the purpose of providing its residents with ample room to work, relax, and enjoy. And this becomes evident when you see the space’s 27ft ceilings — from the main floor to the roof mezzanine.

Each storage unit is spacious and accommodating. For example, the undersides of the mezzanine are situated 13 ½ ft high, which permits taller, larger, and more wide-reaching possessions such as boats, RVs, or even towering antique cabinets to be securely stored.

Functional Accessibility

With massive, sleekly designed entrance doors to the facility and electrified doors on the units, the VAULTS provides 24/7 accessibility via your own individualized security fob key.

Security and Privacy

The primary motive driving the design of The VAULTS is (as the moniker suggests) security. We aim to provide high-end, unwavering security to ensure that your privacy — as well as your possessions — remain protected. Outfitted with a reinforced wall of solid concrete and wholly encompassed by massive doors, the VAULTS has made security a top priority for our occupants.

What’s Customizable in the Storage Unit?


Think of the mezzanine as your own personalized living space. You have the freedom and flexibility to transform it into what you wish. Want a secluded office space to focus on important work? Consider it done. Desire to have a man cave with games and entertainment? No problem. Or maybe you prefer more of a simplistic alternative and just want a quiet space to unwind — you got it. You can swap lights, add fixtures, and do as you please until you feel you’ve made it your own.

Entertainment Area

Whether you prefer a game of basketball or pool, you can add whatever you desire for your recreational purposes. A basketball net will blend in seamlessly and a pool table will be right at home. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless. Both the mezzanine and main floor areas are spacious enough to accommodate additional games, toys, or entertainment memorabilia.

Office Space

If what you yearn for most is a cozy, quiet area with a luxurious feel, then a customizable office space will be the perfect personalization. You can use your imagination to create the ideal workspace. If you prefer coherence, opt for a padded leather chair that compliments your commodious work desk. If you desire a little opulence, then go for an indoor water fountain and LED lights draped across the mezzanine to set the proper mood.

How Our Customers Use Their Storage Units

The versatility offered by the VAULTS has given way to enhanced levels of creativity by our customers.


Some occupants use their storage space strategically for work and business. The facility provides them with a calm demeanour that permits them to get their best work completed quickly and efficiently.


Other customers like to use it for entertainment purposes. They host parties and get-togethers, inviting friends, family, business associates, etc, to congregate and enjoy the luxurious atmosphere.

Relaxation and Recreation

Then we have residents that like to utilize their units for fun and recreation. They customize their units with poker and pool tables on the mezzanine, basketball nets and ground hockey on the main floor, and a whole host of other amusing games and activities that are conducive for recreation.

Safe and Secure Storage

And of course, there are the occupants who utilize the facility to store their valuable items and possessions. Everything from cars, boats, and trailers, to fine art, precious collections, and rare antiques all find their way to The VAULTS through our valued customers. All of our occupants use their facilities for a little bit of each of the above reasons.

Where The Vaults Premium Lifestyle Storage Units Are Available

The VAULTS premium lifestyle storage units can be found in several locations in western Canada. Namely:

Customizable lifestyle storage is available in all 3 locations. At The VAULTS, we strive to provide a facility that is uniquely yours. And as a result, you can feel confident knowing that any location you visit you can call home because at the VAULTS, your passion lives here.

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